Rain, rain, and more rain. Much of the Local 6 area was already saturated from recent rain before two back-to-back storms dropped several more inches of rain during the last two weeks of February 2019. Murray alone received more than 15 inches of rain that month. Paducah had more than 10 inches of rain, making it the second wettest February on record. This caused our area to be hit by flash flooding along with flooding that will last for days. Floodgates were raised in Paducah, Cairo, and Brookport. Homes were surrounded by water. Families relied on neighbors to help salvage what they could.

Below are the stories of survival during Flood 2019.

McCracken County families stack sandbags ahead of flooding

Water levels continue to rise across McCracken County. Paducah has installed floodgates along the flood wall, but the Ohio River has risen to the point to where water is touching the floodgates. Some people are having to deal with flooding around their homes.