PADUCAH — Vinyl plumbing products manufacturer Genova Kentucky says a shortage of raw materials is behind the company's decision to indefinitely lay off all employees at its Paducah facility. 

Genova employees told Local 6 they were temporarily laid off throughout the month of November, but they learned Wednesday that they would be laid off indefinitely. In a news release sent Thursday, Genova Products Director of Operations Joseph Pusateri says Genova Kentucky suspended operations in late November because of a raw materials shortage. 

Pusateri says Genova thought the shortage would be temporary, but it has continued longer than the company first anticipated. "We are diligently working towards obtaining raw material and resuming operations as quickly as possible," the release says. "To assist our employees, we have cashed out any eligible pto (paid time off) as to minimize any hardship on them." 

The release says Genova still intends to resume operations so "our most valued associates can return back to work." 

Around 120 people are affected by the layoff.

You can read the full news release in the document below.