Todd Ray
Car Burglary

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY - Mary Cook and her husband James have lived in the same house since 1978. They never had to deal with break-ins, or any other crime in their neighborhood, until a few weeks ago.

"Our neighbor next door had seen somebody suspicious and noticed the light had come in my husband's truck," says Cook.

The suspicious person her neighbor saw broke into her car, and their truck.

Mary Cook

"They took cash out of my husbands truck, took his wallet, they took cash out of my car," says Cook.

The Cooks aren't the only ones dealing with car burglaries. Several home surveillance video systems caught a person looking into someones car window, and even getting inside a car.

"It's becoming a little more frequent since folks are purchasing these items and utilizing them around their homes for more of a different angle for home surveillance," says Sgt Todd Ray with the McCracken County Sheriff's Department.

Ray says video security systems are helping them catch burglars faster.

"That one person that is seen on one of these type devises that might be the piece of the puzzle that we need," says Ray.

Even if you have a security system with video, Ray says one of the biggest things you can do to protect your car and things, is simply to lock your car. 

"I check my car three times a night now before I go to bed just to make sure it is locked," says Cook.

Locking your doors is something that Cook says is necessary in this ever changing world.

"Definitely not Mayberry, we all wish it were but it's not," says Cook.

If you see anything suspicious around your home call your local police department , or sheriff's office.