MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — Video, documents, and other court proceedings will remain open in the case against Gabriel Parker. He’s the teen charged in the shooting at Marshall County High School where two students died and several others were injured.

On Friday, the Kentucky Court of Appeals three-judge-panel reaffirmed an emergency ruling made back in March, demanding the Marshall County Circuit Court release all records related to the case and keep future hearings open to the public.

The judge on the case, Marshall County Circuit Judge Jamie Jameson, has 10 days to ask the Kentucky Court of Appeals to reconsider the ruling.

Our legal analyst on the case, Craig Clymer, tells me he’d be surprised if Jameson decides to go that route. “I don’t see a ground for asking for reconsideration, but it may well be that Judge Jameson will,” he says. “To me, got to get on to the meat of the case.”

There’s no word if Jameson will move for reconsideration. I was hoping to ask him that question over the phone on Friday, but I never got the chance. Here’s what was said in our 20 second conversation:

“This is Brianna.”

“Hey Brianna. It’s Jamie Jameson. How are you?”

“I’m doing good. How are you Judge?”

“Good. I’m afraid I won’t have much for you.”

“Hold on, before you get started, I want to let you know I am recording this conversation.”

“OK. All I can say is I am not allowed to discuss ongoing cases of any kind.”

“In light of this ruling, are you considering recusing yourself?”

“I’ve already said all I can say ma’am.”

“Any reaction?”

Jameson hangs up.

To be clear, I reached out to Jameson. The conversation above was him calling me back.

Several months ago, the commonwealth filed a motion requesting that Jameson be removed as judge from the case. Kentucky’s chief justice denied that request.

Clymer says he’d be shocked if the commonwealth filed another motion for recusal based on Friday’s ruling. He says to bring a challenge again, there would have to be something new to add to the case beyond what’s already included in the ruling.

You can read a copy of the ruling by clicking here.