GERMANY— American farmers are feeling the impacts of a changing climate and the growing population.

WPSD Local 6's Jason Lindsey traveled to Germany to attend the Future of Farming Dialogue, where he discovered how farmers are adapting to these changes. 

Scientists, journalists, farmers and more from across the world join together in Germany every year to discuss farming conditions. 

Bob Reiter, head of research and development for Bayer Crop Science says they need their crops to adjust to the conditions. 

We're going to need crops that are resilient maybe to having less water or having to deal with higher temperatures during the growing season," Reiter said, "The biggest change we've made on our farm is going more toward the no till, so when you do get those large rains, or you do get the dry weather, we are able to withhold that moisture more and actually not have as much erosion." 

The Future of Farming Dialogue aims to use science and technology to improve farming for families and the planet.