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FRANKFORT, KY– On Wednesday Kentucky Secretary of State, Michael Adams, presented the first "Frederick Douglass Award" to Burgin Independent High School in Mercer County.

The school was the only one in the state to register all eligible seniors to vote.

“Ronald Reagan said, ‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’ The same is true of democracy,” Adams said. “It’s critical that our young people be civically literate, and that they participate in the political process. I’m grateful to Burgin Independent High School for leading the entire state in registering students to vote.”

The Frederick Douglass Award program was named in honor of the American social reformer, and abolitionist. The award encourages nonpartisan peer-to-peer registration efforts. The award program is operated by the Kentucky Secretary of State Office, in partnership with the Kentucky YMCA and Inspire2Vote.

“We are very excited and proud that our Seniors for two years in a row have all accepted their civic duty and have all registered to vote," Burgin High School principal Chris LeMonds said.