Hornsby and Essell

Photo courtesy of ABC WCPO Cincinnati and OHC

LATONIA, KY — According to WCPO 9 News, John Hornsby Sr. of Latonia showed no detectable signs of cancer 28 days after undergoing an experimental treatment to fight the cancer that plagued him for almost a decade. 

According to WCPO, Hornsby first thought he had a bad hernia, but his wife convinced him to go to the doctor after being sick for 6 months. 

Hornsby was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and that sent him on a journey of chemotherapy, remission, and recurrence that lasted for almost a decade. 

That is, until Dr. Jim Essell stepped in, WCPO reports. Essell wanted to try something new-injecting Hornsby with T-cells through an IV. 

Dr. Essell explained the treatment in more detail, according to the article, saying: 

Hornsby has been in remission ever since, the article says, and Dr. Essell's treatment will soon move on to the next phase of it's trial. 

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