PADUCAH, KY – If you’re good at baking, you could soon sell your sweet treats from home.

Kentucky’s Home Bakers Law goes into effect on Saturday. Before this new law, you either had to be a farmer or own a second kitchen.

Jennifer Lopez — no, not the pop singer — started her home baking business back in 2009 while living in Sikeston, Missouri. Several years later, Lopez became a single mom. She eventually moved to Kentucky to be closer to family. She quickly learned her business was considered illegal in the Bluegrass State.

“Devastated to see that I couldn’t do my business here,” says Lopez. “I was afraid to go out and share my business with people because I didn’t want to be turned in. It just didn’t seem worth it.”

Connie Hathorn is also a home baker who makes custom cakes. She says she was considering moving out of state so she could sell her creations legally. “This was a hurdle that no matter where else I went, I didn’t have,” says Hathorn.

Hathorn was determined to change the rules. Together, she and Lopez helped spread awareness. Because of their efforts, it’s now legal to put a price tag on home baked goods.

“It definitely changes things,” says Hathorn. “It ups the bar. If you want to have a good name out there then you have to have a good product.”

Lopez says the new law will bring her family closer together. “My husband, he will get to spend more time with the family,” she says. “He won’t have to pick up as many hours at work because I’m going to have that extra income because of this new law. And now I get to stay home with my child and bake cakes while she plays in the other room.”

Representative Richard Heath sponsored House Bill 263, which the governor signed back in April.

Lopez is now working to connect Kentucky home bakers with nearby customers. For more details on that and what you need to know to get your home baking business started, click here.