PADUCAH — A wedding in Paducah today was put together in about 30 minutes, because the couple doesn’t know how much time they have left together.

Roger and Beckie Mays have been together for five years and planned on getting married a month ago. Then, Roger had a severe stroke.

Since then, his health has been declining.

They planned on going to the courthouse on Wednesday, but his health got in the way. But nurses at Baptist Health Paducah stepped in to help, finding a minister, cake, and wedding rings — all in 30 minutes.

Director of Patient Relations Stacey Young was one of the masterminds behind this moment. “I believe that it’s important to take the most of today,” she said. “We are not guaranteed tomorrow, and neither is Roger. We wanted them to have this very special day.”

A doctor was in charge of the wedding music. A staff member happened to be an ordain minister. Roger’s doctor was the best man.

On Thursday at 10 p.m., we’ll share their love story and why dozens of hospital staff pulled together last minute to make sure Roger’s dream of being married to Beckie was fulfilled.