TRIGG COUNTY, KY — Kentucky State Police says a family is safe following an early morning home invasion. Now police need your help finding the suspects.

KSP says the crime happened around 2:30 Saturday morning in a rural area along Compton Road in Trigg County. Inside the home at the time were two adults, a teen, and at least one other person according to KSP.

Trooper Jay Thomas tells Local 6 two men were dressed as Trigg County officers when they knocked on the family’s door. Thomas says when the door opened, the men rushed inside followed by two other suspects. He says the four men held the family captive, stole several things, and then left.

Thomas says they don’t have a good description of what the men look like, the car they were driving or where they went.

He says KSP is working non-stop to solve the case; they’re currently checking on leads to get a better idea of what happened. He says the family is okay.

If an officer ever comes to your door without a warrant and you’re not sure if it’s really police, ask to see a badge or call 911 to verify.