UPDATE: A preliminary survey shows that an EF1 tornado touched down at Moors Marina with winds around 100 mph.

MARSHALL COUNTY- Several people were on the dock when the storm hit. Thankfully no one was injured. One of the docks is badly damaged. People near the dock told me the roof began to peel back as the winds picked up.

Boats damaged in the storm are leaking fuel into the water. The Marshall County Fire Department sprayed foam in the water to prevent any fires. J.J. Miller was on the dock when the storm hit. She says once she and her husband knew they were safe they began to help others.

“My husband said get your jacket on we’ve got to go help these people. The dock was on top of their boats,” said Miller. “They were trapped. It was pouring down rain. We couldn’t hear each other it was so loud.”

The area is going to be roped off until the crews get all of the boat fuel out of the water. The most important thing is everyone is safe.