Shea Nickell Supreme Court

PADUCAH— Kentucky's general election is in eight days.

Shea Nickell and Whitney Westerfield are facing off for the open Supreme Court judge position representing the first district.

Nickell says his 22 years of experience as an attorney and 13 years as a judge on Kentucky's Court of Appeals is why people should vote for him.

Nickell is a Paducah native who graduated from Paducah Tilghman High School. He is also a Lions Club International Director. He says the decisions from the district's Supreme Court judge play a role statewide.

"We are electing here in the first appellate district a justice who will join 6 others on that 7 member body as the ultimate determiner of what the law says and how it's to be applied," Nickell said.

Nickell emphasized that this is why people should consider a candidate with lots of experience.

"So I think, my extensive and unmatched experience as an attorney and as a judge provides me with the knowledge and the skill set necessary to serve as a justice on the Kentucky Supreme Court, which is after all our commonwealth's highest court," Nickell said.

District Supreme Court judges serve eight year terms.

Tuesday, we will hear from his opponent Whitney Westerfield.