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Multiple construction projects are going on in western Kentucky. 

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 1 has released a traffic impact report for the week of Sept. 19 to Sept. 25, to help you plan your travel routes for the week ahead. 

District 1 includes Fulton, Hickman, Carlisle, Ballard, McCracken, Graves, Calloway, Marshall, Livingston, Crittenden, Lyon and Trigg counties.

The cabinet's traffic report is as follows: 

I-24 Westbound from Kentucky into Illinois

A contractor for the Illinois Department of Transportation has a work zone along I-24 in Illinois from the Johnson-Massac County Line at the 24 mile marker to the I-24 Ohio River Bridge at the 39 mile marker.  For westbound traffic, this work zone starts on the Kentucky side of the bridge with a merge point near the 1 mile marker in Kentucky. There is a 55 mph speed limit for westbound traffic in Kentucky starting at the 7 mile marker.  There is a 14 foot, 3 inch load width restriction in this IDOT work zone. The target completion date is November 15, 2022.

I-24 at 55 to 65 mile marker for Concrete Rehab Project

This work zone has two-way traffic with a centerline barrier wall along the eastbound lanes of I-24 from the 55 to 65 mile marker.  This 10-mile section of two-way traffic is to allow full-depth concrete reconstruction along the westbound lanes. Maximum load width is 15 feet for eastbound vehicles and 11 feet for westbound. The westbound exit ramp at KY 139 Exit 56 is closed. There is no fuel access westbound between Exit 65 and Exit 45. A permanently signed emergency route runs along KY 139 and U.S. 68 between Exit 56 and Exit 65. There is a strictly enforced 55 mph speed limit with enhanced police presence through December 15, 2021.

I-24 Eastbound in Christian County at 76 to 85 mile marker

Motorists should be alert for eastbound lane restrictions on Interstate 24 in Christian County from mile point 76.1 to mile point 85.6 that started on Tuesday, Sept 7, for pavement rehabilitation. Watch for a 55 mph work zone speed limit.

U.S. 45 in Graves County & McCracken County

Construction of two R-Cuts along U.S. 45 between Paducah and Mayfield is nearing completion. New R-Cuts at the U.S. 45/KY 408 intersection near the Kentucky State Police Post 1 Headquarters in northern Graves County and at the U.S. 45/KY 1288 intersection in southern McCracken County are both fully functional. Due to rain, some finish work may continue for another week or two. For more information on how an R-Cut works, go to or to

U.S. 60 in Livingston County

U.S. 60 has an active work zone near the 12 mile marker at the north edge of Smithland for construction of the New Cumberland River Bridge. Flaggers may be present to assist trucks delivering materials and equipment to the worksite. There is a 25 mph speed limit for westbound traffic and a 35 mph speed limit for eastbound traffic. As part of the bridge project, traffic has been shifted to the new alignment at the KY 70 intersection in the work zone. The target completion date for the new $63.6 million bridge is spring of 2023.

U.S. 60 in western McCracken County

Construction is nearing completion on R-Cut crossings along U.S. 60 at the KY 726/Kelley Road intersection and the KY 996/Metropolis Lake Road intersection. The R-Cut crossovers at both locations are fully functional. Due to recent rainfall, some finish work may continue over the next two weeks. The target completion date is Sept 30, 2021. 

U.S. 62 in western McCracken County

U.S. 62 has an active work zone with a strictly enforced 35 mph speed limit between KY 998/Olivet Church Rd and the traffic signal at McCracken Boulevard to extend the 4-lane section of U.S. 62/Blandville Road westward about 1 mile. This $7.7 million project includes new bridges across Massac Creek. Motorists should be alert for flaggers and traffic shifts, as well as for workers in close proximity to traffic flow. There is an enhanced police presence. The target completion date is December 1, 2022.

U.S. 62/KY 286 Y intersection in western McCracken County

As section of U.S. 62 is closed with a marked detour via KY 726/McKendree Church Road for realignment of the U.S. 62/KY 286 intersection through about Oct. 1. Local access is maintained for residents between KY 1322/Harris Rd and the Y. Motorists may encounter one-lane traffic from time to time along a 4.5 mile section of U.S. 62/Blandville Road extending eastward to the McCracken Boulevard traffic signal. The target completion date for this $2.4 million safety project is October 15, 2021.

U.S. 62 from 0.0 to 7.2 mile marker in northern Marshall County

This Highway Safety Improvement Project runs from mile point 0.0 at the Marshall-McCracken County Line to mile point 7.2 at the KY 95 intersection in Calvert City. It includes construction of a center turn lane through Possum Trot, a left turn lane for U.S. 62 at KY 1523/Industrial Parkway, improvements to the U.S. 62/KY 95 intersection, as well as culvert and shoulder improvements. Be alert for one lane traffic with alternating flow at various points along the work zone. The target completion date on this $2,085,491 safety project is July 31, 2022.

U.S. 641 in southern Calloway County

Construction of the New U.S. 641 from the Clarks River Bridge at the south edge of Murray to the KY-TN State Line at Hazel continues. Initial construction on this 6-mile section of new four-lane will have no impact on existing U.S. 641 traffic during the 2021 construction season and minimal impact on side roads. Initial work includes culvert and bridge construction. The target completion date is summer of 2023.

U.S. 641 at Benton in Marshall County

This work zone along U.S. 641 through downtown Benton includes one-lane traffic along the one-way sections of Main Street and Poplar Street. The contractor has initiated near 24-hour work activity that includes early morning placement of concrete pavement. The work zone will have one-lane traffic northbound and southbound. Some short detours are possible and delays are likely. Motorists should consider an alternate route. The target completion date is fall of 2021.

U.S. 641/KY 402 intersection in southern Marshall County

The U.S. 641/KY 402 intersection near Hardin has work zone lane restrictions for construction of an R-Cut. There is a 45 mph speed limit with an enhanced police presence.

U.S. 641-Spur at Benton in Marshall County

Milling and paving along the U.S. 641-Spur/Murray-Benton Road at Benton runs from mile point 1.840 at the KY 1518/Church Grove Road intersection extending northward to the Interstate 69 Overpass at mile point 3.250, a distance of about 1.41 miles. This work zone immediately south of the I-69 Benton Exit 41 interchange will become active on Sept 7. The target completion date is Sept 30, 2021.