MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — A family-owned business in Marshall County, Kentucky, has announced it will close its doors after decades serving the community. 

In a Facebook post Friday afternoon, King Brothers Supermarket announced it is going out of business. 

"It will be business as usual at the store until December 31st, 2021, then in January, we will be liquidating the remaining stock and fixtures," the Facebook post reads.

The post goes on to explain that the locally owned market is closing due to its declining customer base. 

"We tried to run a store which operated in the same manner as those in an earlier time. We knew our customers by name and we even knew their parents and grandparents in many cases. We never sold alcohol or lottery tickets in our store and we greatly discouraged foul language on our premises. In fact, our store was sometimes referred to as 'Little Mayberry' because of the wholesome atmosphere of the place," the post reads. "King Brothers successfully competed with Walmart and other large stores for more than 2 decades but this fall, our customer base declined to the point that we could no longer keep our doors open! Thanks for the memories!"