PADUCAH - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is warning you to watch out for deer when you're on the road. 

Early-October is also deer mating season.  They're most likely to be moving around during sunrise and sunset, which is also when they're hardest to spot.  Half of all deer-related collisions happen from October through December.  To make sure you're safe the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says you can -  

  • Slow down immediately when you spot a deer crossing the roadway ahead, as deer tend to travel in groups.
  • Don’t swerve to avoid a deer. Swerving can result in a more serious crash with an oncoming vehicle or roadside object.
  • In the event of a crash, keep both hands on the wheel and apply brakes steadily until stopped.
  • Motorists are asked to report all deer-vehicle collisions to police so locations and crash numbers can be recorded and monitored.
  • Always wear a safety belt.
  • Keep headlights on bright unless other vehicles are approaching.
  • Drive defensively, constantly scanning the roadside, especially at dawn and dusk when deer prefer to be active.

If you do hit a deer your should call law enforcement, not only for your safety but so crash numbers and locations can be recorded.  The Transportation Cabinet says in a recent ranking, Kentucky was 15th in the country for collisions involving deer.