River Road

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — The condition of a man seriously injured in a head-on crash with a school bus remains unknown Friday night. 

Deputies said the man was driving a pickup truck when he hit the bus on a rural road in Livingston County.

People who live in the area said this is not the first time a crash has happened here.

Gary Parks has lived on River Road for about two years. In that time he said he has noticed an issue.

"It's just not wide enough for two large vehicles to pass and stay on the pavement," said Parks. 

Parks said his worry came to life Friday morning when the pickup collided with the school bus.

Damaged bus

There was shattered glass and skid marks from the tires of the vehicles.

The homeowner said more action needs to be taken, otherwise another accident is inevitable.  Parks checked out the scene, and said it was just as he had suspected. 

"If it hadn't been for a tree, the truck would have rolled right off into the river," said Parks. "There's no guardrail there."

Deputies said they do not yet know what caused the crash Friday morning. 

Parks said he sent in a petition months ago with signatures from 10 neighbors to the judge executive.

Livingston Judge Executive Garrett Gruber said the petition requested to have the speed limit lowered on a portion of KY 137/River Road, from mile markers 2 through 5.

Parks said he wanted the speed limit reduced from 55 to 45 miles per hour. 

Flipped Truck

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said crews studied the area earlier this year.

They said they did not find evidence of speeding issues or any previous accidents on record, concluding that there is not a need to reduce the speed limit.

Parks said the community sees the issues on the road every day and wants something done.

"Not only myself — my neighbor, my kids, my grand kids would really appreciate any help we can get," said Parks. "You know, more patrol over the speed limit. I don't think that's too much to ask."

The man involved in the crash was airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries.

Thankfully, the school bus driver and his daughter were not injured.

No students were on the bus when the crash happened.