PADUCAH — If you got outside on Tuesday you probably noticed the obvious, it was extremely hot. Many of you got out early to get some mowing done, like Ron Garrett. He mows for the Paducah Public School district. During heat waves Garrett takes extra steps to make sure he's staying cool.

"I wear a T-shirt up under my outside shirt. Once it gets wet, it'll help keep me cool, Garrett says." And also I'll take regular cool down breaks as well as drink plenty of water."

Dr. David Saxon with Baptist Health Paducah says if you need to mow or do stuff outside, try to get it done early.

drinking gatorade

"In the severe heat it's always better to do your activities early in the morning, or late in the evening," Saxon says. "Try to avoid that midday, early afternoon, where the temperatures are at their highest."

That advice also applies to exercise or playing sports. If you use the tennis courts, basketball courts or baseball diamonds at Noble Park, you might want to get there early in the day. Parents bringing their kids to the playground should also be aware of how hot it's going to be. When we took a digital thermometer out to see how hot some of the equipment was, it was showing temperatures around 145 degrees.

drinking water

"A lot of times kids won't think as often about the need to drink and stay hydrated," Saxon says. "So, that prompting by parents to keep an eye on them, to get plenty of fluids and to make them take breaks 'cause they'll run 'til they drop sometimes." 

Saxon says to also be on the lookout for signs of heatstroke. If you or someone you know starts feeling dizzy, nauseous, or delirious from standing out in the heat, get inside. If it's extreme heat exhaustion or a heat stroke case, call 911.