LILLIAN, AL — After days of churning in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Sally has made it to the coast, and it has been a rough night for people in the storm's path. 

The video above shows what driving through a category two hurricane looks like. People on the Gulf Coast have been dealing strong winds and heavy rain for several hours, but it really picked up as the eye of the storm made landfall. 

Here's what we have learned about Hurricane Sally overnight:

  • It was upgraded to a category two hurricane, with winds of up to 105 miles per hour.
  • It made landfall around 4:45 a.m. – after moving slowly through the Gulf 

The National Hurricane Center says it could cause dangerous, even life-threatening flooding in the area. 

Webcams in the Gulf Coasts of Alabama and Florida have been knocked offline Wednesday morning. 

Less than a 40 minute drive from the Gulf Coast is the small town of Lillian, Alabama. It's located just over the Alabama-Florida state line, and is where Local 6's Morning Executive Producer Allison Rickman's father-in-law Sam Rickman and his wife Pam live. 

They moved to Lillian almost two years ago from Benton, Kentucky, and joined Local 6 on the phone Wednesday morning. 

You can listen to this full phone interview in the video above. 

Stay turned to Local 6 as Chief Meteorologist Trent Okerson continues to track Hurricane Sally as it unleashes on the Gulf Coast.