PADUCAH — When the school bell rings at the end of the day, you trust your child will get on the right school bus to return home safely.

One local child was put on the wrong bus, and later ended up walking down a busy street alone in search of her mom.

Michelle Bowling said her 7-year-old daughter, Addyson, is still reeling after walking down the street alone from her bus stop.

"She didn't sleep well last night," Bowling said. "She's just...almost traumatized. She said all she could imagine is just every car that went by that they were going to try to take her."

Bowling told the staff at Concord Elementary School her daughter would have a different bus stop for the week. That's because no adults would be at her normal bus stop. Addyson got a bus note for the first day of the route change and was dropped off at the right location.

But the next day, the 7-year-old was dropped off unattended at her original bus stop. Bowling said her daughter tried to explain that she needed to go on a different bus. But, because she didn't have a bus note, the school sent her on the wrong bus. 

Bowling said she was never contacted. So, Addyson tried crossing the street by herself to get to her mom.

"People that we trust with our children, we put our children's well-being in their hands every day, and they failed her," Bowling said. "There were so many other outcomes that could have happened yesterday that didn't. Thank God."

Addyson would have had to cross four lanes of traffic to get to her mom's workplace.

Jeffrey Chambers saw Addyson walking down the street by herself, and he reached out to her mom and waited until Bowling picked her up.

"The way I was raised, it was the right thing to do," Chambers said. "You see something wrong, you figure it out on your own — make it better or help the situation."

Concord Elementary School Principal Aaron Edwards said this year students are required to have a new bus note for every day they ride a different bus.

"Yes, it is chaotic," Edwards said. "It is hectic. But we need to slow down. We need to make sure that, again, phone calls are being made, communication is at its best. And again, just so mistakes like this aren't made in the future."

Bowling said she wants them to be more careful, so this doesn't happen to another child.

The school is still investigating the situation. The have not determined any disciplinary action for staff. As for Addyson, her mother said she is still thinking about whether she will continue to attend the elementary school. She said it will depend on how they address this incident.