PADUCAH -- After Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear closed all bars and restaurants in the state due to COVID-19 concerns, many local businesses started suffering. However, this didn't stop one local bar from stepping up and helping out. 

On March 20, Silent Brigade Distillery posted on their Facebook page that they had been producing and bottling hand sanitizer free of charge, and within eight days, they posted again and said they had already given away around 1,000 bottles. 

 On their Facebook page, they thanked Bo and Pepsi mid America for donating the bottles and Mark Meisenheimer of Golden Eagle Distributing for donating out of date beer that helped make the hand sanitizer. 

If you want a bottle of hand sanitizer, all you have to do is drop by the distillery in downtown Paducah at 426 Broadway St. and pick it up. You can also support this local business by buying their bottled moonshine.