Covid isn't the only virus going around right now. Doctors in Paducah are already seeing cases of the flu, a shift from last year. 

In fact some doctors didn't see any cases during the 2020 flu season. Now they send a warning. We can't let our guard down. The flu virus is already here and it's slightly early.

"The flu is definitely here earlier than what we used to see," said Dr. John Cecil. "Last year we had no flu that I saw personally and already this year we've seen three cases of flu." 

Dr. Cecil says while behaviors associated with preventing Covid like hand-washing, mask wearing, and isolating may have kept the flu at bay last year, it's unusual to see cases this early. 

"Seeing it before Thanksgiving is usually not what we'll see so it's kind of worrying me," said Dr. Cecil.  

He's pushing all of his patients to get the flu shot, saying the cases he's seeing are nasty. 

"One person had even had a covid breakthrough case a month prior and it was nothing compared to flu, the flu was ten times worse for him," said Dr. Cecil. 

"We did not see a lot of flu cases last year but it's going to come back," said Dr. Rosabel Monalo. 

Other doctors like Manalo are concerned more cases of flu virus will show up early and turn into an epidemic after the holidays. 

"People are letting their guard down," said Dr. Manalo. "People are going out shopping, they'll gathering for the holidays and they will definitely be exposed to someone who could be carrying the virus." 

She wants to stress face masks are one level of protection, and the shot is the second. She also says myths are out there. 

"Most people feel that getting getting the covid vaccine protects you from the flu and that's not true. The flu and covid viruses are two separate viruses, they need to be given two separate vaccines," Dr. Manalo said. 

Both doctors agree, do whatever it take to get your flu shot. 

"We used to have a thing in my house, after we said the prayer I had a bunch of flu shots and everybody would walk by me and I would give them a flu shot in the arm before we ate," said Dr. Cecil. 

Doctors we spoke with tell us they have plenty of shots on hand in their office. You can also go to your county health department or pharmacy. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is also warning flu season is already underway. The CDC has already sent out 162.5 million doses. The recommendation is everyone six months and older get a flu shot each year.

So far current rates of vaccinations are lower than in years past, but according to the CDC more people say they plan to get the shot.