PADUCAH — A No More Chemo Party was held Tuesday at Mercy Health Lourdes Hospital. It's a celebration for the little girl, but not in the way you might think.

No More Chemo party for Zoey

Zoey Smith is 5 years old. She grew up battling leukemia, but the chemotherapy isn't working. I sat down with the special people in Zoey’s life who made the special day happen for her.

I met Zoey for the first time back in May. Her personality is one that sticks with you — one you don't forget.

In October 2018, doctors told her parents her leukemia was terminal.

"It could've easily been days, but we were blessed with almost a whole year,” said Whitney Reed, Zoey’s mother.

Reed said they spend every day living life to the fullest.

Doctors recently said Zoey may now only have a few weeks left to live.

“She’s so full of life even when life is slipping away,” Reed said. "She doesn't want to miss anything. Even though a majority of her time is spent sleeping now, she wants to be there and you know to feel a part of things.”

Whitney said the leukemia continues to grow, and Zoey is living off of blood transfusions.

Hospice nurse Stacy Janusz and social worker Michelle Bryant says Zoey brightens their whole day and it’s a joy to take care of her. They said people go their whole live and don't have the impact Zoey has, and they are attached to Zoey’s whole family as well.

Whitney said she hopes Zoey can spark a change or spark more awareness for childhood cancer. “I don't think she's going to be easily forgotten. She leaves quite a legacy behind,” she said.

Zoey's mother said their biggest wish is to leave a brick of honor for Zoey on the St. Jude pathway. If you are interested in donating a brick in Zoey's name, click here to visit the St. Jude website