PADUCAH -- Local Kentucky counties are now listed under the "red zone" category for COVID-19.

Monday, Governor Beshear recommended new guidance on what should be done in those areas.

The recommendation for schools is virtual learning. No decision is confirmed yet, but McCracken County School Superintendent Steven Carter said there is a possibility for virtual or hybrid learning. Color zoning is determined on Thursdays.

Kent Koster with Purchase District Health Department believes they should go virtual if they're still in the red that day.

"For us to try to gain any control over this at all, we must try to adhere to the things that we're being taught and asked to do," Koster said.

Koster said there was a COVID outbreak at a nursing home. However, he said that's not the main source. The increase in cases is also from large gatherings and "pandemic fatigue."

"People are getting tired of you know having to deal with this," Koster said. "And you know they're kind of becoming more lax. And you know we just need to keep plowing forward."

Koster said hospitals are seeing an increase in hospitalizations, so it's critical to take precautions.

Other red zone guidance includes reducing in-person shopping and dining. Additionally not hosting or attending gatherings of any size.

Here is the full list of Red zone recommendations from the Governor's office.

Red Zone Reduction Recommendations:

  • Employers should allow employees to work from home when possible
  • Government offices that do not provide critical services need to operate virtually
  • Reduce in-person shopping; order online or pickup curbside as much as possible
  • Order take-out; avoid dining in restaurants or bars
  • Prioritize businesses that follow and enforce the mask mandate and other guidelines
  • Reschedule, postpone or cancel public events
  • Do not host or attend gatherings of any size
  • Avoid non-essential activities outside your home