We first introduced you to him one year ago today, Daniel McGrew III. He was brought into the world in an unexpected way, in the backseat of mom’s Chevy Cruze.

Not too long after Daniel was born, the world took a turn for another unexpected event, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mom, Kara, says, it can be very difficult at times, family is not able to come and visit to see her or her children because of concerns over COVID-19. She says her family has learned a lot of life lessons throughout this pandemic. Mainly, to never take anything for granted, be prepared for the unexpected, and spend time with your loved ones. She also has a message for all you moms out there.

Keep doing the best that you can,” Kara said. “Even on the days when you think you’re not doing enough, to your kids, you are the world and you are their world. They will always love you, so, no matter how bad you think you’re doing, you’re probably not doing that bad. If you’re feeling down or needing help just reach out. It’s hard when we’re not able to be in contact with each other, but sometimes, even a phone call or a text message can turn someone’s mood around.”

Kara says she’s a stay at home mom, like many mothers and families, she’s trying to juggle her life, the kids, virtual learning and now, a birthday to celebrate their baby boy.

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