PADUCAH- Lone Oak Middle School's principal Coye Elliot captured this moment on camera Monday of Spanish teacher Monica Jameson being surprised by her son who serves overseas. Her son Ian has been deployed with the United States Navy for months. He says surprising her was a great way to see her again, and it isn't the first time he's done it.

"I love being able to surprise her. Every year I try to surprise her, some years it doesn't work and some years it works, it's off and on," said Ian. "I love being able to surprise her and come here and put a smile on her face." 

Elliot says he saw Ian at the bus loop and that's when they made the plan to make the surprise a little bit more special. 

"We talked, I met him, and he said what he was here for. I said 'hey do you care if we surprise your mom with that?' and he said 'you know what that'd be a great idea.' So we just decide to do it that way. It was definitely nothing that was planned," said Elliot. 

Mrs. Jameson says this surprise is something she'll never forget. 

"He closed the door and it was the brightest highlight of my day, my month, my week, my year," said Mrs. Jameson. 

Ian plans on surprising his mom like this every time he gets home from his deployment.