LOUISVILLE, KY— A Kentucky neighborhood is mourning the death of a 20-year-old R.O.T.C. member who was shot while on his front porch.

Woken up by the sound of gunfire, many on the quiet block of Mid Dale Lane are still struggling to wrap their heads around what happened. 

"It's very painful because he's been here in this neighborhood since he was very young," neighbor David Waggoner said. 

Waggoner was stunned to hear 20-year-old Jacob Kerr was found shot. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. 

"To think somebody that young has lost his life is hard to deal with. There's just no words to describe the pain that I'm sure the family is going through right now," Waggoner said.

It's a pain you can feel from across the street. 

A distraught father, who didn't wish to appear on camera, trying to comprehend the loss of a son he describes as unbelievably sweet.

He says security cameras show his son was shot right on their front porch behind a pond and benches they built together for neighbors to enjoy while out on walks.

Kerr's father says his son was very spiritual and caring towards others, especially veterans.

That's why he started Shepherds of Mount Eden with his father, donating fully trained service dogs to veterans who need them.

The father, son duo were also part of a team that honors veterans without family at their funerals, missions he plans to carry on for his son. 

"Our prayers are with him. And, you know, it's a tough time for them," Waggoner said, 

Kerr's father says he believes it may have been a drive-by shooting.

Police are now looking for a suspect.