MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — Gerald Chambers enjoys his peaceful pond beside his home. He dug it 30 years ago for the community to enjoy.

“I enjoy just sitting on the porch in the afternoon and watching people fish,” says Chambers.

Chambers stocked the pond with different kinds of fish. “It’s got some blue gill, crappie, catfish, and bass — some real good bass,” Chambers says.

A couple of weeks ago, Chambers found an unwanted species of fish that he didn’t put in the pond: Asian carp.

“I had no idea they where there. The pond has probably been there 30 years, and I stocked it,” says Chambers.

All the Asian carp Chambers found were dead. Hot weather followed by heavy rain caused an event called a pond turnover, which changes the oxygen in the pond and kills the fish.

“It’s ruined the pond as far as I’m concerned right now, unless it killed all the Asian carp. I’ve got enough fish in there to where they will come back on their own,” Chambers says.

One theory that has been floated out there is that over flows from creeks and rivers may have flooded into the pond bringing Asian carp with them. Chambers says that water has never gotten over the ponds levy though.

Adam Martin with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife says it’s definitely rare to see Asian carp in a pond, but all the dead fish found in the pond might not have been Asian carp.

“After reviewing the video, it looks like there are only large silver carp, as well as some gizzard shad fish,” says Martin.

Chambers just hopes that doesn’t start happening to other ponds too.

“It’s scary, very scary, because they are going to take over,” Chambers says.