Anthony Crittendon

Anthony Crittendon

GRAVES COUNTY, KY — A man who the Graves County Sheriff's Office says shot two people who broke into his home overnight now faces marijuana-related charges.  

The sheriff's office also released more details about the events of the break-in and shooting, which happened at a home on Tom Drive. Deputies received a call reporting a shooting and attempted robbery around 12:04 a.m.

In a news release sent Tuesday afternoon, the sheriff's office says the homeowner reported that a woman knocked on his door around midnight and asked to use his phone. Then, two masked men forced their way through the door, armed with "assault style" rifles, the release says. The homeowner said the men hit him with their rifles and demanded money. The homeowner said the woman disappeared, and he didn't see her again during the incident. He said the intruders began ransacking the home, and he was able to get to a semi-automatic pistol he had hidden. He fired multiple shots, hitting both men.

One man collapsed in the home. Not long after getting the homeowner's 911 call, authorities received another 911 call from a gas station reporting that a woman had dropped off the second man — who also had multiple gunshot wounds. Both men were taken to hospitals, and the sheriff's office says investigators are monitoring their locations and conditions. 

The news release says investigators received a search warrant for the Tom Drive home to recover evidence related to the break-in and shooting. While they were carrying out the warrant, sheriff's office investigators and state troopers found about $8,000 in small bills, about 2 pounds of marijuana, electronic scales, packaging material and other related items, the release says. Investigators say the break-in suspects reportedly found the marijuana during the home invasion, and they'd put it in a bag along with other drug-related items. Detectives also found the masks the suspects allegedly wore in the break-in. 

In addition to those items, investigators say they also seized multiple spent shell casings and guns. 

Graves County Sheriff Jon Hayden tells Local 6's Abisola Adeyemo he believes that Crittendon was targeted by the break-in suspects because of the items found in his home. "This was not random. The motive, we believe — and we believe the evidence will show — was that this was targeted, that the motivation behind it was to steal money and/or drugs," he says.

Hayden says he hopes what happened in this case will make other people reconsider breaking into homes. "I would certainly hope that this would serve as a deterrent to anyone thinking about breaking into someone’s home. They have a right to defend themselves. We would encourage people to defend themselves if they feel that their lives are in danger,” Hayden says.

The homeowner, 27-year-old Anthony Dominique Crittendon, was arrested on a firearm enhanced charge of trafficking more than 8 ounces of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was jailed in the Graves County Jail. 

The sheriff's office says it is not yet releasing the names of the suspects who were shot, but that more arrests and charges are expected as the investigation continues. 

The woman who knocked on Crittendon's door has not yet been found. If you have information about where she is, you can call the Graves County Sheriff's Office.