McCracken County leaders plan to use up to $20,000 to get your kids moving by turning an empty field off County Park Road into a pump track for bicycles. 

The field is next to the former county animal shelter.

Biking is a hobby 13-year-old Grainger Page recently picked up, the teen told us as he and 13-year-old Mason Romanak unloaded their bikes to hit the Greenway Trail in Paducah on Tuesday.

"I didn’t know how fun it was, but now I love it," Grainger said. He realized aside from the Greenway Trail, there’s not many places to bike in Paducah.

"Right now we’re stuck riding the streets, which is not very safe," Grainger said. 

They can’t use a skate park. Many skate parks are full of quarter pipes. While they’re perfect for a skateboarder, if a mountain bike ended up hitting a quarter pipe, it could damage the bike. 

That’s why Grainger and Mason started a petition online for a pump track, a looping trail system of dirt ledges and mounds that allow cyclists to ride any type of bicycle without much pedaling.

"For whatever reason, it’s just more fun," Mason said.

Paducah Parks Director Mark Thompson reached out to Mason’s dad, Eric Romanak, about the idea. From there, it went to the county and was approved. 

"As a parent, seeing your child do something and take action to make some change and make something productive for the community is mind blowing," Eric said. The father is a fitness center director, and he says he sees the track getting more kids active.

"It’s nice to see that kids in Paducah have this option. It’s very very positive," Eric said. He says it’s also a good way to get them off the roads, keeping them safe.