PADUCAH — Help is coming for the McCracken County Property Valuation Administrator's Office, but it could be a while before it arrives. The PVA office is working to get a new part-time employee.

McCracken PVA

Lack of oversight under former PVA Nancy Bock has led to millions of dollars in unassessed or under assessed properties. The office is trying to catch up, and now it's looking at properties in the Hendron Fire District. McCracken County PVA Bill Dunn said the new part-time employee will work specifically inside Paducah city limits. 

"We really need someone who can do the commercial property in the city limits. Commercial property is not something you want a newbie to start with, because it's much more complex than measuring houses," said Dunn. 

He said the earliest the new worker could be on payroll is November. 

"I haven't even begun looking for a new employee," said Dunn. 

Dunn said one area the new employee would focus on is homes in the Lowertown area. But it could take up to a month and a half to fully train that worker, which means they wouldn't be ready to evaluate properties on their own until 2020.

Soon, the assessments in the Hendron Fire District will be put on hold so the PVA office will begin reviewing the 260 items on the permit list for the county. Once that's complete, they will go back to assessing properties.

"We're going to start reviewing the permit list starting November and December," said Dunn. "And then we'll do it again, the properties that aren't finished that are still being built, in January and February."

Dunn said it could take between two and four months to finish everything on the permit list. He said the total amount of taxable property the office has found so far is $7.5 million, but payment options for the under-assessed properties have not been completed.