McCracken County School Board

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — No new taxes. That's the decision the McCracken County School Board made in a special called meeting Thursday.

The board had talked about raising the property tax rate by 4% to generate more revenue for various projects throughout the district. In a unanimous vote, the board decided to keep the rate at 53.8 cents per $100 worth of property. The board also voted to keep the motor vehicle tax at its current rate of 52.9 cents per $100.  

The board decided not to raise taxes because of concerns that the McCracken County Fiscal Court may raise taxes, too. School board members say they didn't want to overburden people. 

"We want to give time for everything to play out and to make sure that we're making a good decision for the community at large," says Superintendent Steve Carter.

Steve Carter

Steve Carter 

Carter says while an increase in revenue would have been helpful, they'll be just fine with what they're collecting now. 

"We're generating enough revenue with the current rate that we'll be okay to maintain the prior year, which is 53.8%," says Carter.

School Board Chairman Chris Taylor says he's never been a fan of raising taxes.

"This board showed tonight that we hear the taxpayers," says Taylor.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor 

Taylor says there are several maintenance projects that need attention in the district. He says they'll still get them done, but will have to prioritize them.

"There may be projects that are pushed back a little bit, but we're gonna' do what we can do, just a little at a time," says Taylor.

Taylor says it's just a matter of listening to the taxpayers.

"I'm just glad that tonight's over with and that we can say as a Board of Education of McCracken County that we did not raise taxes this year," says Taylor.

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