PADUCAH — Leaders at the highest levels of the McCracken County School District have remained relatively silent on recent events linked to multiple criminal investigations. Those investigations are connected to sex allegations, misconduct, and failure to report charges involving staff and a student at the high school.

WPSD Local 6 has requested comment from multiple people over the last few weeks including the chair of the McCracken County Board of Education Steve Shelby.

While Shelby has declined our request for comments in the past, he did return a phone call made by WPSD Local 6 anchor Todd Faulkner on Wednesday. During that conversation, Shelby said he had been reluctant to issue a statement or respond publicly for fear that his words would be “twisted”. Faulkner asked Shelby if he or any other board of education member held any kind of reservations about the effectiveness of Superintendent Brian Harper during this time. Shelby responded, “absolutely not.”

Faulkner then asked about Shelby’s recent Facebook post responding to the current situation. Shelby said, “that’s how I feel.”

Shelby’s Facebook post reads, in part, “Our school board and school administrators are working nonstop in supporting our sheriff’s department in resolving these issues. the media continues to ride this story as hard as possible,” and “please consider supporting all the great teachers in our system that have done absolutely nothing wrong, they are pouring their hearts out every day to help children!”

Here is the Facebook post Shelby made:Shelby declined to answer any additional questions.