EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, IL -- Many people in southern Illinois are now in a recovery phase from the drawn-out flooding.

As people start making their way back to their homes, some in East Cape find some of their property has been stolen.

"I ask for people's patience because it is going to be a long recovery process and we're in what they call the recovery mode now," East Cape mayor Joe Aden says.

Aden and dispatch with the Alexander County Sheriff's Office confirm they have gotten reports of this happening. 

No news releases have been sent out on stolen items, but home owners and renters say air conditioners and appliances have been taken.

When photojournalist Jonathan Darnall asks Aden what can be done, he says some of the blame is on the owner of the mobile home park.

"Well we are working on it, but again that's the trailer park's owners - some of [it is] his responsibility."

Aden says if you've had something stolen to report it to law enforcement.

A town hall meeting will take place Tuesday, Aug. 13 at The Pit Stop restaurant in East Cape Girardeau at 6 p.m.