PADUCAH — The Paducah City Commission is expected to pass an ordinance to pay for an environmental review and geotech analysis of the main downtown parking lot. This is a part of the agreement with Weyland Ventures and the plan to redevelop the lot into a hotel, multi-use buildings, and more.

Some concerns members of the public have raised include parking, location, and ruining the view.

Nothing is set in stone yet for the actual design plans, but these early design plans show what it could look like in several years.

"I think concerns about viewshed have been addressed with the site plan," Paducah Downtown Development Specialist Katie Axt says. "I share concerns we have about vacant historic buildings downtown, and that is part of our strategic plan is to work with private property owners to help facilitate redevelopment and preservation of those sites."

Axt says the location is the best for the plan, despite concerns people have about losing parking, but she says it is still too early to say how many parking spots they plan to keep.

WPSD has counted 220 parking spaces in that lot. Axt promises that majority of public parking will remain. 

The city plans to pay $72,000 for the environmental review and geotech analysis.

"We worked with the developer to divide the responsibilities for the development plan," Axt says. "The city took on-site due diligence, because the 'City Block' site is owned by the city."

Axt says the city does not bid out that work, because it is a professional service in an area of expertise.

By this time next year, she wants the design complete and construction to start.

After the environmental review and geotech analysis is approved and finished, the next big step will be a parking assessment. Axt says she's not sure how much that will cost. The city will pay for that.