MURPHYSBORO, IL — Another southern Illinois city is saying no to recreational marijuana sales.

Tuesday, Murphysboro became the second southern Illinois town to do that in two days. Marion, Illinois, leaders voted to opt out on Monday. The Murphysboro City Council voted 5 to 5 on the issue, and Mayor Will Stephens broke the tie vote. Some council members voted against the ordinance because they didn't think there was much of a chance of someone setting up shop within the city limits.

"Some people are thinking if we don't vote no, there's going to be one here. I guess it's possible, but I don't know if there will be one here," said council member John Erbes.

"I don't feel that an 8,000-person community, because we are a community, deserves a marijuana shop. We don't need that. We already have enough problems in our society to add one more to our law enforcement," said council member Gloria Campos.

Stephens said he's considering putting a referendum on the next ballot asking the public for their opinion. He said, depending on that, they might reconsider their decision.