MURPHYSBORO, IL- Teachers in Murphysboro are hoping their prayers will be answered and classes will be back in session. Wednesday marked the fifth day of the teacher strike. The union met with the district for another round of negotiations. During the meeting, teachers and members of the community held a prayer vigil 

The last few days have been very emotional for the Murphysboro teachers.

"It's just really hard. This isn't a position you ever want to be in as a teacher. We feel like we are doing the right thing fighting for our kids," said Becki McNeely. 

After several failed negotiations they chose to seek guidance from a higher power through a prayer vigil.

 "We are all heartbroken. In times of heartache that's where we have faith to turn to. In good times we have faith to turn to. We have God to turn to," said McNeely. 

The tension between the district and the teachers can be felt throughout the community. 

 "I've seen a lot of discussion on Facebook from teachers and board members. Some of things put out there are helpful because we get more information. Not all of it is constructive. I think we need people on both sides to come together to try and reconcile, try and know the facts and go from there," said pastor and parent Hank Fulk. 

The teachers prayed for a deal, so they can move forward.

" We are praying for rebuilding relationships in our community. We are praying for provisions for families that are going without. We are praying for wisdom," said McNeely. 

In a video members of the union accused superintendent Chris Grode of not being honest with the community about the budget.

In a statement to the newsroom superintendent Grode said this in response: 

"I'm of course disappointed by these accusations.  I don't want to engage in arguments about peoples character. The town is being torn apart enough already."