PADUCAH — In just two weeks and one day your kids will probably see early morning hours they haven't seen since last Christmas.

There's a lot of excitement building around Santa's arrival. While he works hard to check off the items on your kid's Christmas lists, it's important to make sure those toys are safe.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says more than a quarter of a million kids were seen in emergency rooms last year because of injuries caused by toys. The head and face are where most toy-related injuries happen, especially in the eyes.

Every year, the group World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. releases a list of what they consider the worst toys for the holiday season, because of the potential risk of injuries.

Topping the list as usual are toys that shoot any kind of projectile. This can include things like Nerf guns. Although the darts are made of foam, they can still cause eye injuries and others.

The group says other toys like scooters, skateboards and other things your kids can ride do not come with proper safety gear, and are not labeled with a consistent safety message.

Toys that have small parts may pass safety standards, but you should be supervising your children as they play, as they may unnecessarily put kids at risk.

Look for labels. 

If you see ASTMD4236 or ASTMF963, that means the manufacturer claims they have been evaluated using ASTM International standards to check for choking hazards, and toxicity.

Make sure you're encouraging other family and friends who may be getting your kids gifts to pay attention to age restrictions and think about safety. Then, when your kids open up their new gifts, talk to them about safety before they're able to play.

To find out more about toys that have been recalled, or how to report a toy that you may think is unsafe, click here.