MURRAY, KY — A new manufacturing plant will soon bring 120 new jobs to Murray, Kentucky.

Monday, South Korean auto parts manufacturer DAE-IL broke ground on its new manufacturing plant in Murray. It will be the company’s first plant in the United States.

“Murray is a good location for foreign companies that are looking to put their first location in the U.S.,” Murray Economic Development President Mark Manning says.

Manning says, along with good-paying jobs, the DAE-IL plant will give Murray the chance to grow.

“There are lots of underemployed people that are looking for a way to better themselves,” Manning says.

DAE-IL USA won’t be the first manufacturing plant to come into Murray. German manufacturer Iwis recently opened a plant.

“Companies don’t just pick a town and say ‘That’s where we want to go.’ It’s more like process of elimination,” Manning says.

Manning says Murray has all the right tools to attract outside businesses.

“Murray has great school systems, we have the university, our housing prices are very reasonable and we’re in a central location,” Manning says

Murray Mayor Jack Rose says it’s more than the schools and local businesses that attract companies; it’s the people.

“The thing I think impressed the South Koreans was, when they came here, was our culture and how everyone was friendly,” says Rose.

Construction on the DAE-IL will be completed in a little over a year. Manning says he thinks the DAE-IL plant will be one of many to come.

“Today is a great day for Murray, a great day for western Kentucky and we hope to have many more,” Manning says.

To follow the progress of the DAE-IL plant and find out when you can submit job applications, visit thinkmurray.com.

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