PADUCAH, KY – Just in time for Barbecue on the River, boaters can now use Paducah’s transient boat dock. Since it opened last week, it’s brought dozens of new people to town.

The city says from the time Paducah’s transient boat dock opened a week ago Thursday, there have been reservations for 52 boats. Some of those boaters stayed more than one night.

Many of the boats belong to people who call themselves “loopers.” They weren’t able to stop in Paducah until now.

Alma Glasser isn’t your average 94 year old. She traveled to Paducah on her boat, Cuppa T, all the way from Jacksonville, Florida.

“You know, this is my vacation,” Glasser said.

She calls herself a looper, traveling sections of a designated loop through the eastern U.S. since 2007.

“Now you can stop at Paducah, because you have this beautiful marine here,” Glasser said.

For a week, dozens of loopers have taken advantage of Paducah’s new transient dock.

“Loopers, what the hell are loopers? You know,” Glasser joked about people’s reactions to the term.

After learning about the group years ago, Mike and Marian Warlick decided to take up the hobby.

“Doing the loop is about meeting people and exploring towns,” Warlick said.

Mike remembers passing Paducah on the loop in 2014. “Said gosh it would just be great. If I could tie up and go into town, and voila,” Warlick said.

This is Glasser’s first time completing the loop, and it won’t be her last.

“I’m not finished cruising. I hope not,” Glasser said.

Numbers from the city show after tonight 30 additional boats already have reservations for various days. There is no charge to use the dock between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you stay longer than that, you have to make a reservation.