Calling sky watchers! Another interesting astronomical phenomena has been discovered and already reported visible in our early morning and night skies. The newly found comet "NEOWISE" will be visible for up to a few more days wit the naked eye, and is the first visible comet of 2020.


seen above the Comet across the northeastern sky

Comets generally are faint in the sky, hence why they are best viewed at night against the darker sky. Astrophysicists say that this will be only visible in the Northern Hemisphere and is easily visible without a telescope or binoculars. Comet viewing without aid is actually pretty uncommon.


This particular comet was originally found by NASA in March, but at the time was no biggie. The cool thing about this now is that after the comets most recent trip around the sun, it has been looking way brighter than anyone had thought possible. Many in the United States, including the Local 6 area have already reported seeing this in the predawn sky. It should be around in orbit for a few more days or even weeks before leaving our range of viewing.

To see the comet without binoculars or a telescope, you need ideal viewing conditions without clouds, light pollution, or haze.