UPDATE 1/17/20: The original poster has updated his post.

He has changed the wording from "Two more abortion clinics opening up in Kentucky." to "Two more abortion clinics will be trying to open up in Kentucky."

You can see his updated post at the bottom of this story.

As we mentioned in our original story, Planned Parenthood can apply for a new licensing.

On Friday, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services says Planned Parenthood in Louisville has applied for a new license.

KENTUCKY — A post circulating on Facebook that claims new abortion clinics are open in Kentucky is false.

The post says two abortions clinics, one in Lexington and one in Louisville, opened up on Wednesday, Jan. 8.

That is false.

There is currently only one abortion clinic in Kentucky, the EMW Women's Surgical Center in Louisville.

Local 6 contacted the Kentucky Health and Family Service Cabinet about the post, and Acting Secretary Eric Friedlander sent Local 6 a statement that reads: “While the state’s lawsuit is ending, any new licensing will have to go through the proper application processes under Kentucky law.”

"The state's lawsuit" refers to a suit filed by former Gov. Matt Bevin's administration that claimed Planned Parenthood provided illegal abortions between December 2015 and January 2016.Planned Parenthood says it will seek to have the lawsuit dismissed, the Courier Journal reported Tuesday. The Louisville newspaper also reports that Friedlander wrote in a Jan. 3 letter to Planned Parenthood that the organization did not violate state law and that it can reapply for a license.

That does not mean that any new clinics have opened in the state — but only that Planned Parenthood can apply for new licensing.

You can see the post below.