electric coop storm damage2.jpg

West Central Electric Cooperative in Missouri shared this photo of storm damage at the Black River Electric Cooperative in Fredericktown, Missouri. West Central says Black River took a "direct hit" from a tornado Sunday night. 

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The National Weather Service has confirmed five tornadoes hit in parts of southeastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois as severe storms raked the region on Sunday.

The area saw two EF3 tornadoes, including one that tore through St. Mary, Missouri, across the Mississippi River and over parts of Chester, Illinois, the St. Louis office of the weather service said in a tweet late Tuesday. The other hit Fredericktown, Missouri.

An EF3 tornado is considered strong with winds ranging from 136-165 mph (219-266 kph).

Two others were rated weak EF1 tornadoes, with wind speeds of 86-110 mph (138-177 kph), and touched down on rural parts of Reynolds and Madison counties in Missouri. The fifth tornado neary Richview, Illinois, rated weakest on the enhanced Fujita scale at EF0, with wind speeds of less than 85 mph (137 kph).

The storms caused power outages and widespread damage to some trees, power structures and some buildings, but left no serious injuries.