PADUCAH, KY — Kentucky native Chef Sara Bradley is once-again competing on award-winning reality show "Top Chef" after winning runner-up in the show's 16th season. 

Each season of Top Chef features chefs from a certain city, state, or country. 

In the 20th season, finalists and winners from all over the world are competing in London, in what Bravo calls "the fiercest showdown the culinary series has seen."

Bradley is the chef and proprietor at Paducah's Freight House, located in a historic railroad depot near the waterfront downtown. 

freight house

On her website, Bradley says her Jewish mother and Appalachian father inspired her tastes, exposing her to a "wonderful culinary upbringing."

"Chef Sara grew up surrounded by strawberry fields and pit bbq in Paducah, Ky, eating elaborate meals with her family every night," her bio reads. 

Bradley's mission, she says, is to define the flavor of the "new south," cooking with fresh, local ingredients from the community.

In addition to showcasing local ingredients, Bradley frequently exhibits local artists' works in the restaurant, having previously collaborated with: artist JD Wilkes, spray-paint artist Toney Little, small business Bricolage Art Collective, artist Catrina Higgs, painter Tim Jaeger, and more. 

Season 20 of Top Chef premieres on March 9, with Bradley set to compete against chefs from France, Brazil, Portland, Lebanon, Germany, Italy, Thailand, and more, Bravo says.