PADUCAH-- It is getting cooler out, so for those of you in search of the perfect fall drink, we got you covered.

Local 6's Kaylee Bowers and Temi Adeleye visited a couple of local coffee spots to see what fall favorites are available to you.

Frontier Coffee

The first stop was Frontier Coffee located along Lone Oak Drive in Paducah.

Frontier Coffee owner Jeremy Godwin is from Alaska, where they serve coffee through sheds with drive-thru windows.

"Well, when I approached the landlord of this lot about doing a shed with a cutout window, he said 'Well, I have a coffee truck if you want to use it,'" said Godwin.

"So we decided to convert this into a drive-thru," said Godwin.

Local 6's Temi Adeleye and Kaylee Bowers stopped by Frontier Coffee this week. It's one of the three spots they visited for their Paducah Coffee Tour. 

They have lots of special treats including some fall favorites.

"Fall time, we start getting into our pumpkin season, which is what everyone loves right," said Godwin.

"Everyone loves pumpkin, but I prefer our maple spice, but you start going into these warms drinks, and they're just very comforting."

Enjoying coffee is great, but supporting local businesses is even better.

"When I see this business, I see feeding my three children, five, four, and one year old," said Godwin.

"It's an opportunity to get something, a dream maybe, but also to support a family."

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is located at 1939 Kentucky Avenue Drive in Paducah. 

Owner Sarah Martin said they have a shop full of different goods.

"The Farmhouse began as a dream three years ago, I started making soap and it just took off from there, and we bought a building because we needed to be brick and mortar," said Martin.

"From there we added coffee and we just keep adding new things every week."

Martin works with Mrs.Sweet Strong, who is responsible for their tasty Brazilian treats, and amazing drinks.

Local 6's Temi Adeleye and Kaylee Bowers stopped by Frontier Coffee this week. It's one of the three spots they visited for their Paducah Coffee Tour. 

If you ask Martin what's her favorite drink, her answer may surprise you.

"I don't drink a lot of coffee which surprises people, but I've been experimenting and I've been a big fan of a chai latte, and if you've never had one, you need to try one, it's fabulous," said Martin.

In the event that you don't like a drink, they have got you covered.

"You can get all of our drinks hot or cold, we strive to make our customers happy," said Martin.

"So if you don't like it, just tell us and we'll make you something else, we want you to come here and enjoy your time here."

Etcetera Coffee

Etcetera Coffee has two locations, one on 320 North 6th Street, and the second on 118 S. Second Street.

It has been a staple in Paducah for 15 years. In that time, they have created a long list of favorites, some centered around their employees and community.

Barista Joshua Massey said Etcetera Coffee is where you can find local art, great coffee, and good vibes.

"Allan and Johanna founded it so it was like a family-run business," said Massey.

" It's very employee-centered, we're really community-driven, and yeah it's just a really great place where people can come and hang out."

They will likely have whatever you are looking for, if not, they can always invent something new.

Local 6's Temi Adeleye and Kaylee Bowers went on a coffee tour through Paducah, to show you some places to grab seasonal drinks. Etcetera Coffee was their third stop for the tour. 

Etcetera also partners with different local spots like Hyuck Farms to bring you specials like apple cider.

" It's really delicious. It's locally grown apples, locally made cider, really good cold," said Massey.

"We also have the Pumpkin Pie Chai which is very tasty."

Massey said as you enjoy coffee, reiterated that it is important to support local businesses.

"It's really important that we have these local businesses that continue to thrive and make the community better. It's really good for our little thing that we've got going on here."

If you would like to visit or learn more about these coffee spots, visit their Facebook pages.