PADUCAH— We've been following 5-year-old Zoey Smith's story for years as a St. Jude patient battling cancer. Her mother, Whitney Reed, shared on Facebook on October 11th that her daughter is dying. 

"Zoey's body is manifested with cancer to the point that the low dose of chemo we were taking isn’t helping to slow down the growth. Her body isn’t making blood cells or platelets and is only producing cancer cells. This means she is simply running off the transfusions we are giving her," Reed posted on Facebook.

Reed says her daughter had two transfusions and after talking to their doctor, they've decided to stop chemotherapy.

"This leaves us weeks with our girl. Her body is tired and her soul is ready. I can tell," Reed wrote. She said the family is working on funeral arrangements ahead of time so they can give the rest of their focus to Zoey.

On Saturday, Local 6's Pauline Fitzgerald was planning on visiting Zoey and decided to contact firefighter Rodney Hall about surprising her. Hall and fire dog Blaze wanted to help put a smile on Zoey's face. Hall had the idea to bring the fire truck, too and give Zoey a ride to remember! 

Saturday afternoon, Zoey rode in the fire truck and played with Blaze. She made memories with her family. 

Her family is asking for your prayers during this difficult time.

More on Zoey's story

Zoey was 20-months-old when doctors discovered she had a form of Leukemia. That day she became a St. Jude patient.

Her mom says at one point Zoey forgot how to walk, talk and eat. “All motor skills were gone,” she says.

Zoey went into remission soon after her 2nd birthday, which means doctors couldn’t find any cancer cells. But that only lasted a year and a half.

At 3-years-old, Zoey went through aggressive therapy and beat the cancer a second time. Then at 4, Zoey had a bone marrow transplant, but it didn’t work. To learn more about Zoey's fight, click here.