paducah public schools

PADUCAH– Paducah Public Schools (PPS) have announced a reopening plan for the 2021-22 school year that begins Aug. 5.

The school district has established a three-tiered COVID-19 response plan that will allow schools to adjust to local, state and federal guidance.

Level 1 of the response plan allows masks to be optional on school property, but required on buses. Level 1 also includes the following:

  • Parents are requested to screen students before allowing them to leave for school and/or get on a bus. It is essential that parents understand the necessity of screening students for COVID symptoms before allowing them to attend school. 
  • Students with a temperature 100.4 should remain home and parents should contact their child’s school regarding the symptoms.  Students should be symptom free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before being allowed to return to school.
  • PPS will collaborate with designated health officials to determine when a quarantine or positive student can return to school.   
  • Masks WILL be required on school buses for all students (preschool through 12th grade). This is required under a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention order. 
  • PPS will adhere to maintaining three feet of physical distancing where possible. When distancing is not possible in a classroom setting, pods may be utilized as a means to limit exposures and/or quarantines. Classroom seating charts will be maintained to assist with contact tracing and quarantines.
  • Staff will continue to teach, reinforce, and practice hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds or use approved hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
  • The custodial staff will continue the COVID-19 custodial cleaning regimen in all schools.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located in every classroom, entry/exit points and high traffic areas.
  • All schools will continue to provide an isolation area for symptomatic staff/students. Symptomatic individuals will be required to mask while awaiting pickup of parent or guardian.
  • PPS will continue to limit visitors to schools. Buildings will be open to essential personnel and essential direct access providers/vendors only.
  • Vaccinated individuals will not be required to quarantine in the event of a positive contact.
  • Individuals who have had COVID-19 within the previous 3 months will not be required to quarantine in the event of a positive contact. 
  • PPS will immediately and appropriately comply with any federal, state or local mandates pertaining to COVID-19.  

The school district will work with local health officials to decide if schools need to enter level 2 or 3 of the response plan.

Level 2 will require all students and staff who are not vaccinated to wear masks on school property, and level 3 will require all students and staff to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.