Ron Schmidt (left) and Jeff Canter touring the Columbia Theater in downtown Paducah.

PADUCAH — You probably won't see Kevin Costner rolling through town anytime soon, but a producer for the movie "This Field Looks Green to Me" is considering two filming locations in Paducah.

The film is based on a Little League baseball team from Middlesboro, Kentucky. That team didn't just win the 1954 Kentucky Little League State Championship, they made history by being the first racially integrated team in the state.

Local 6 caught up with the film's producer, Ron Schmidt as he toured the Columbia Theater and Stuart Nelson Park as potential filming locations.

Schmidt told Local 6 his goal is to produce a film about the early 50's. He wants to tell a story about sports and race relations, and also a story about kids growing up.

"This is not a political story at all, it's a human story," Schmidt said.

Schmidt added that "This Field Looks Green to Me" is also a story about Kentucky, and referenced one of Kentucky's greatest writers as an influence.

"This is kinda why I point to a guy like Robert Penn Warren, who's from Guthrie, Kentucky, who won 3 Pulitzer Prizes, and his response to race and things like this is just the beginning, just like take baby steps, be aware, look in the mirror," Schmidt said.

Schmidt himself is originally from Cleveland, but moved to Middlesboro a few years after the film's featured team won the state championship.

Schmidt's tour guide through Paducah was Jeff Canter, a board member for the Columbia Theater.

The Columbia Theater opened in 1927 with segregated entrances for whites and black throughout the Jim Crow Era. Canter said the theater has been empty since 1987.

In addition to being a board member for the theater, Canter is also familiar with Stuart Nelson Park and its ball fields.

"This park started off as an integrated park, but now it's an asset for the whole community," Canter said.

Both Canter and Schmidt recognize this is an ambitious project, and know there's still a lot more work to be done.

"We're raising the money right now, and hope to have it by the end of the year," Schmidt added.

If it all works out, filming on "This Field Looks Green To Me" could start next year, and Paducah could play a big part in telling a great story.