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PADUCAH — The city of Paducah is in the development phase for a hotel that will take over the main parking lot downtown.

Tuesday night was the first reading of the ordinance for the city to pay $72,000 for the analysis and evaluation of the lot to make sure it is safe to build on. There will have to be another reading at the next meeting and a vote to pass it.

As plans move forward for the hotel, people are speaking out.

"I don't think it is what we want. I don't think it is what we need," said Rebecca Ausbrooks, owner of Paducah Antique Mall. "I know I am not an expert in city development, but I just think that it's going to hurt."

Ausbrooks created the petition, which now has about 400 signatures. One of her concerns is the hotel would ruin parking downtown.

Tuesday night, commissioners are having their first reading of an ordinance that would put $72,000 towards the project.

This is the most recent plan design that we have.


Downtown Development Specialist Katie Axt said the city wants to hear concerns before they break ground. "We really think the design is going to address a lot of those concerns around parking capacity, parking management, view sheds, encouraging additional business. So we think we have gotten it right, but we are just in beginning phases," said Axt.

Local developer and real estate agent Alberta Davis said she's not against the hotel. She's against the planned location.

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"Development is good, and I think that they need to build it somewhere else," Davis said. "If they built it up on Broadway, it would take more people up Broadway to shop in our stores and walking to the riverfront. If they build it on the location it's at, it will choke the riverfront."

They think the city should talk with downtown business owners before they go any further.

The development agreement with Weyland Ventures is already a signed deal. It was passed in April.