BALLARD COUNTY, KY — The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is changing where you will get your Real ID. That's the ID you will need to board an airplane or get onto a military base come October 2020.

KYTC Letter on Real Ids

After KYTC's system of issuing them at county clerks offices in the pilot program counties of Frankfort and Woodruff did not work, the cabinet is putting that on pause.

Earlier this month, KYTC sent out a letter saying those locations were experiencing "unforeseen workload and staffing issues," which were putting more stress on people working in those offices.

Ballard County Circuit Court Clerk Holly Dunker said solutions are being sought out.

"We all just had to go back to the table and re-figure a better way to serve the customer," said Dunker. 

She has a long list of duties, so finding out that issuing Real IDs is not on her list is a relief.

Real ID Example

"Transportation Cabinet discovered that the whole experience of it was just taking so much of the circuit clerk's time," said Dunker. "They felt like, along with us of course, felt like the customers just weren't getting waited on as quickly as possible."

That is why KYTC canceled its plan to have the service available at all county clerks offices, and will look to open regional offices.

With the Real ID rollout now put on pause, those in the County Circuit Clerk's Office are advising people to apply for passports. 


"TSA said that passports do, are eligible without the Real ID identification," said Dunker. "So if you have that passport, you can get on a plane with that domestically or of course internationally."

The state said there will be a solution ahead of the deadline.

You can apply for a passport at any United State Postal Service or online. It will take about six to eight weeks for processing. 

Dunker said the County Circuit Clerk's Office still issues standard driver's licenses. You can keep your standard identification card as long as you have a passport.

Paducah Post Office

You have until October 2020 to receive your Real ID.

The post office at 300 South 4th St. in Paducah will have a passport fair on Sept. 21 for those looking to complete an application. The event will be from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday.