MILLER CITY,IL — Miller City Road in Alexander County, Illinois, is getting some needed repairs after it was under water for weeks during flooding this spring.

Miller City is near the broken Len Small Levee. The community received $2 million in emergency funds. The project will reopen the road of opportunity for the community.

Miller City Road is 11 miles long, and 6 miles of it were damaged by flooding. 

Engineer T.J Keys has to walk every mile and record the damage.

"It's nice. I enjoy it. It definitely beats the office. I'm excited to get the project completed, so it's not a burden to the neighbors anymore," said Keys. 


The road is a key route for people who live in the area. 

"The locals that live down this road, the farmers especially, the section of the road that's been wiped out, they have to detour 5 or 6 miles down the road. That's been a major inconvenience," said Keys.

 This isn't the first time the road has needed repairs, and because it's near the broken levee, it likely won't be the last. But Keys hopes when they finish the project, it will bring some relief to neighbors.

"This is just a main thoroughfare for the southern part of the county. I'm sure they're going to be tickled to death when they can open it back up and utilize it," said Keys. 

They hope to finish the project by Thanksgiving. Construction crews are protecting the roadway with large rocks, to try to prevent the river from washing it out again.